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Long Range Plan

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

About the MTP

Both the state DOT, which oversees transportation projects statewide, and MPOs are required to submit two types of plans a long range and short range plan to continue to receive federal transportation funds. The long-range transportation plan forecasts transportation needs for the next 25 years. The long-range plan list the goals, visions and projected transportation projects for the region. This plan will analyze what will happen in the next 25 years if current trends continue, and subsequently propose actions to be implemented in order to relieve congestion, maintain air quality, and improve our quality of life. The long-range plan will help guide decisions about which transportation projects to fund and implement in the short range plan or Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). As mentioned before under federal law, all metropolitan areas with a population of more than 50,000 must have a metropolitan transportation plan. The MTP allows metropolitan areas to access federal funds. In addition, if no long term transportation planning was done, and the future was not prepared for, the existing infrastructure of our metropolitan area might not be able to handle increases in population, employment, or traffic, possibly leading to increased congestion, air pollution and other problems.

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  • Introduction
  • Demographics
  • Public Involvement
  • Emerging Technology
  • Active Transportation
  • Public Transportation
  • Roadway System
  • Freight
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  • Mobility 2045 Project List
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  • Regionally Significant Roadway Project List


The Mobility 2045: Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), also known as the long-range transportation plan, was developed in collaboration with the region’s transportation partners and the public. It reflects the ongoing planning and project development efforts for implementation of transportation policies, programs and projects. The MTP sets the framework for the MPO’s continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated regional transportation planning efforts for the next 25 years. The plan provides for the efficient, safe and convenient transportation of people and goods while helping to achieve the metropolitan area's overall economic, social, energy and environmental goals.

The MPO thanks the citizens, elected officials, agency staff, consultant team, and everyone that participated in the development of this regional long range transportation plan. For more information, please contact the MPO and remember, We Plan To Keep You Moving.