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TDM Documentation

Executive Summary - 2010 TDM Validation (January 2015)

The 2010 base year model validation summary is seven pages of general information and data, covering the following modeling issues:

  • Introduction- Model Development, A Cooperative Process.
  • Demographic Database- Development of the TAZ structure and Demographic Inventory.
  • Highway & Transit Networks- The Supply Side of the Travel Demand Formulation.
  • Model Development- Available Survey Data, 4-Step Process, Trip Purposes & Modes.
  • Model Validation- Assigned vs. Counted VMT and Modeled vs. Observed Transit.
  • Conclusion- Does the 2010 base year TDM adequately replicate 2010 Travel?

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Travel Demand Model Documentation (Cambridge Systematics) for SAMM, Version 3.0

Two sets of documentation are provided as follows:

  1. VIA Travel Model Improvements for the SA/BC MPO Travel Demand Models, Final Report, Cambridge Systematics 10/31/2014. >> Click here to download PDF
  2. San Antonio Multi-modal Model User’s Guide (DRAFT), Cambridge Systematics 10/30/2014. >> Click Here to download PDF

Either or both may be downloaded as a .pdf file. These documents represent the most current full model documentation for the SAMM, Version 3.0 models as they were used by the MPO to update the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) adopted by the Transportation Policy Board in December, 2014.

The SAMM Version 3.0 model upgrade was developed, implemented and tested as part of an inter-agency cooperative effort between the SA-BC MPO (now the AAMPO) and VIA Transit. The intent of this upgrade was to improve the model’s ability to properly forecast transit ridership for proposed premium modes of transit, including the proposed downtown modern streetcar system, bus rapid transit (BRT) and possible light rail or commuter rail systems.

Travel Demand Model Technical Memos, etc.

Six Technical Memos (Cambridge Systematics) are available to download for those interested in additional details of the 2013-2014 Travel Demand Model development, calibration and validation. These include the following:

One of the more frequently requested model documents is the standard Network Functional Classification / Facility Type Descriptions and Color Codes, which is also available here: