Active Transportation Advisory Committee

June 22, 2022

Full Package | Meeting Audio

1. Roll Call

2. Citizens to be Heard

3. Approval of the April 13, 2022 ATAC Meeting Minutes (pdf)

4.  Election of the ATAC Co-Chair - AAMPO (Joey Pawlik) (pdf)

5. Presentation on AAMPO's Plans and Documents - AAMPO (Sonia Jimenez) (pdf)
a. Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Mobility 2050 Project List
b. FY 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
c. 2023 Transportation Conformity Document

6. Update on the TxDOT San Antonio Bike Plan – TxDOT (Ivonne De La Rosa) (pdf)

7. Presentation and Discussion on Bike Month 2022 Activities - AAMPO (Joey Pawlik) (pdf)

8.Announcements and Future Agenda Items