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Congestion Management Process (CMP)

What is a CMP?

Traffic congestion impacts how easy - or not - it is to get around. While traffic will grow as more people and jobs move to the Alamo Area, we can and should try to manage the challenge ahead of us. One way is by reducing the demand for space on the same road at the same time. Another way is by improving the efficiency of the transportation system overall.

Congestion Management is the act of using a mix of strategies to reduce traffic. Metropolitan areas like ours with populations over 200,000 are known as transportation management areas (TMAs). TMAs are required by the federal government to have an ongoing congestion management process (CMP). The process includes eight actions:

  1. Develop regional congestion management objectives
  2. Define the CMP network
  3. Develop multimodal performance measures
  4. Collect data and monitors system performance
  5. Analyze congestion problems and needs
  6. Identify and assess strategies
  7. Program and implement strategies
  8. Evaluate strategy effectiveness

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