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Active Transportation


Active transportation, which includes walking and cycling, is growing in the Alamo Area, and educating the community about the benefits of a transportation system with such multimodal options is an integral part of the MPO’s pedestrian and transportation planning process. While the region faces challenges of increasing traffic congestion, notable obesity and diabetes rates and looming air quality problems, active transportation modes like bicycling and walking will be a large part of the solution, beneficial to both individual and environmental health as well as the efficiency of the transportation network. Very importantly, pedestrian and bicycle networks that are accessible, direct and continuous have been shown to be economically beneficial to the neighborhoods around them and improve safety for everyone using the roadway.

Benefits of Active Transportation

  • Transportation Benefits - reduced traffic congestion, improved safety, calms traffic, preserves road infrastructure.
  • Economic Benefits - increased retail sales (restaurants, lodging establishments, retail stores), job creation, and enhancement of nearby property values.
  • Environmental Benefits - improved air quality and energy conservation.
  • Social Benefits - quality-of-life benefits from living in communities with more open space and greenways and that provide more opportunities for walking or cycling.
  • Health & Fitness Benefits - it is well recognized that Americans would benefit in many ways from a more active lifestyle. Bike lanes, sidewalks and trails promote healthy choices.

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