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Alamo Commutes

Rethink your commute.

Alamo Commutes provides commuters the information, tools and resources they need to make smart commuting choices. This includes shifting away from driving alone to work and towards more sustainable options like alternative work arrangements, biking, carpooling, public transit and walking. Greener transportation choices help all of us by reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and fostering a better quality of life in the Alamo Area.

How We Serve You

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Individual Consultations

Curious about a new commute option? Having trouble maintaining your new commute? Contact Alamo Commutes for a free consultation. Our experienced team can help you plan a bike route or bus route, find a carpool match, troubleshoot a new work from home arrangement, and more. Email or call (210) CARPOOL [227-7665] to learn more.

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Commuter Rewards

The free Alamo Commutes app and website can help commuters plan and compare different commutes, find a carpool match, and earn rewards for logging their smart trips. In exchange for logging their smart trips, users receive discounts at retailers, restaurants and more, as well as the opportunity to participate in monthly drawings and challenges for cash-value prizes and gift cards.

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Employer Services

Alamo Commutes works with employers to develop and implement commuter benefits programs and transportation amenities. Trained specialists work one-on-one with employers to evaluate transportation challenges and identify solutions to decrease the employee drive-alone rate, help the organization reduce their carbon footprint, and create a commuter-friendly workplace.

Benefits of a Smart Commute

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