Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
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About the MPO

What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an agency created by federal law to provide local direction for urban transportation planning and the allocation of federal transportation funds to cities with populations greater than 50,000. There are about 400 MPOs across the country. While most MPOs are part of a city, county or council of governments, the Alamo Area MPO is an independent agency.

The MPO's mission is to provide a comprehensive, coordinated and continuous ("3C") transportation planning process for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, consistent with the region's overall economic, social and environmental goals. The MPO places special emphasis on providing equal access to a variety of transportation choices and effective public involvement in the transportation planning process.

The Alamo Area MPO develops transportation plans and programs to address the needs of the greater San Antonio area. The Transportation Policy Board leads the MPO and decides how federal and state transportation funds will be allocated for the region.

The Federal Highway Act of 1962 created MPOs to provide a "3C" transportation planning process by local, state and federal officials. In 1963, the City of San Antonio, Bexar County and the Texas Department of Transportation agreed to establish the San Antonio-Bexar County Urban Transportation Study (SABCUTS).

Map of Current AAMPO Study Area