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Citywide Pedestrian Connectivity

Submitted By: City of New Braunfels | Cost: $1,516,711

Project Description:

Construct sidewalks, ramps, and other pedestrian-related infrastructure in the Seele Elementary School area and on key segments of San Antonio Street, Walnut Avenue, and McQueeney Road (2.2 total miles).

Modes Supported:

Technical Score:

910 / 1,200

Key Connections:

Seele Elementary

Landa Park; County Line Memorial Trail

McKenna Children's Museum

Downtown New Braunfels

Supporting Plans & Policies:

New Braunfels Comprehensive Plan

NB Parks & Recreation Master Plan & Hike & Bike Trails Plan

Alamo Area MPO Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Study

Seele Elementary Walkable Community Workshop

Existing Conditions

Project Map

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