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Active Transportation

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Transportation is essential to achieving a desirable quality of life. The ability of San Antonio and Bexar County citizens to get to work, schools, medical facilities, stores or recreational facilities safely, efficiently and conveniently is crucial to our community’s economic, social and environmental health. A viable transportation system provides a number of travel choices, including the ability to travel by bicycle or by walking.

Benefits of Active Transportation:

  • Transportation Benefits - reduced traffic congestion, improved safety, calms traffic, preserves road infrastructure.
  • Economic Benefits - increased retail sales (restaurants, lodging establishments, retail stores), job creation, and enhancement of nearby property values.
  • Environmental Benefits - improved air quality and energy conservation.
  • Social Benefits - quality-of-life benefits from living in communities with more open space and greenways and that provide more opportunities for walking or cycling.
  • Health & Fitness Benefits - it is well recognized that Americans would benefit in many ways from a more active lifestyle. Bike lanes, sidewalks and trails promote healthy choices.
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May is National Bike Month! Click above for information on upcoming biking and walking events for the month of May..

Elements of a Walkable & Bikeable Community:

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